My first introduction to yoga was in 1995 while I was living in London. I was deeply impressed by that very first class and haven't stopped since. A year later, during the Sivananda yoga teacher training in India I came into contact with Ayurveda and realized that the two have a deep and inseparable connection.

After four years of living, learning and teaching in the Sivananda ashrams, I returned to the Netherlands. Yoga was in my body and had become an inseparable part of my life. Valuable building blocks for my teaching and life had been laid.
Besides teaching weekly yoga classes I continued my studies with Françoise Freedman of Birthlight to become a pre-, postnatal, baby and well woman yoga teacher and at the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies (which later merged with Delight Academy of Ayurveda and in the summer of 2023 continued as Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands) to become an Ayurveda Practitioner. As a teacher, I am affiliated with Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands. I teach second year students of the Ayurveda professional training program and the ten-day 'Ayurveda Nutrition Course' for those generally interested. For The Yoga Therapy Institute I teach the module 'Ayurvedic Healing for Yoga therapy' and for Birthlight I teach Ayurveda classes to pregnancy teachers in training, among other workshops.

I really enjoy the combination of teaching with working individually with clients in practice. The emphasis in my practice and teaching is on how what you learn can be made practically applicable in your daily life. Because only then can the knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda have a nourishing and lasting effect.

Ancient Wisdom made practical for you!

Training and qualifications

My work is based on the following completed professional education and training:

I completed the 4-year college-level training as an Ayurveda Practitioner at the Academy of Ayurvedic Studies (which later merged with Delight Academy of Ayurveda and in the summer of 2023 continued as Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands). I have been a teacher in this program for the past six years and have taught and supervised second-year students intensively, among other things.

Through intensive continuing education at the training institutes EISRA and the EIVS, I hold three diplomas as an Ayurveda Practitioner. I also completed three one-month internships in India.

In order to dive deeper and deeper into Ayurveda teachings, I follow intensive continuing education and training with several leading Ayurveda doctors including Dr. Shailesh Muli, Dr. Alaknanda Rao,
Dr. Amruta Athale, Dr. Vijith Sasidar, Dr. Robert Svoboda and Vaidya Atreya Smith.

Abdominal Therapy
An intensive and comprehensive continuing education for massage therapists at the Abdominal Therapy Collective, founded under the guidance of Dr. Rosita Arvigo. This treatment is a holistic way to tap into the self-healing capacity of the body and mind with the goal of bringing and maintaining balance. Abdominal Therapy has its origins in the Mayan shamans of Belize and combines these techniques with insights and treatment methods derived from Western anatomy & physiology.

Post-HBO training 'From Expert to Trainer' - to help people understand Ayurveda and Yoga not only intellectually, but also to learn to apply it practically, I followed the training as a trainer at the Galan School for Training.

Sivananda Yoga teacher training - In addition to two teacher trainings (TTC & ATTC), I lived and taught at the Sivananda ashrams for four years. Following I taught group classes and retreats nationally and internationally for fifteen years in hatha yoga; asanas, pranayama and meditation. This training is my foundation in the science of yoga. My sessions have since been influenced by many other teachers and styles.

Birthlight Well Woman yoga, Perinatal, Postnatal and Baby yoga
After attending my first training with Françoise Barbira Freedman, I was sold; what a wonderful method yoga is to bring balance to the whole body and mind and with a particular focus on the pelvis and pelvic floor. These trainings have taught me how to offer the practice of yoga in a way that is accessible and effective for everyone.

Ayuryoga - During the Ayurveda Practitioner training I was taught 'Ayuryoga' - yoga tailored to your specific constitution and imbalance. Since 2013 I have been teaching - mainly - together with Coen van der Kroon trainings in the field of Yoga & Ayurveda.

My yoga practice and teaching are further strongly influenced by the Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Lizzy Lasater, YogAlign Intensive with Michaelle Edwards and breath training with Max Strom.

Basic Medical Knowledge - I took this college-level training in the 1990s at The Raworth Center in Dorking, UK and then again years later in Dutch at the HvNA. I attend refresher courses annually to keep my knowledge up to date and my degree valid.

And beyond that...I took several long-term massage courses, a one-year course in Person centered counseling according to the method of Carl Rogers and a 1-year course in Emotional Therapy at the Emotion Expertise Center.