Do you recognize the following:

• You are having monthly recurring abdominal pain
• You suffer from lower back pain that gets worse around your period
• You are having headaches or migraines before, during or after your period
• You can no longer function because of the pain
• You are bleeding so heavily for one or more days that you do not dare to leave the house
• You are really grumpy during your period. You sometimes feel guilty when you again have been snapping at your partner or children.
• You are feeling depressed around your period
• You are having fluid retention around your period
• You suffer from painful, swollen or tender breasts every month

• You are having cycle-related skin complaints such as pimples or acne
• You worry about an irregular cycle
• You haven't been menstruating for a few months for no apparent reason.
• You suffer from inflammation in your pelvis or endometriosis
• You suffer from PCOS or fibroids

And also with the following non-menstruation complaints you don’t have to keep suffering:

• bladder infections that you can't get rid of
• a prolapse of bladder, rectum or uterus
• scar tissue or adhesions in your abdomen and/or pelvic area
• vaginal complaints such as a fungal infection or burning sensation

Ancient wisdom from Ayurveda: your period as a mirror of your body:
Your period is the mirror of your body. Pain and discomfort during your period is not normal.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, a balanced period is a reflection of a healthy balance in body and mind. When your period is balanced, you will have a slightly heavier feeling in your pelvis, you feel that you want to take a bit more rest than usual and that you would like to turn inwards. Headaches, abdominal pain, mood swings, heavy bleeding, irregular periods, swollen, sore breasts and acne are all signs of imbalance. And the good news is, something can be done about this!

A balanced period starts with a supportive nutrition and lifestyle. Ayurveda has its own and holistic view on human beings and on health & wellbeing. Health starts with what you eat and how you digest. According to Ayurveda, every human being consists of a unique combination of three bio-powers. These are called the doshas: Vata, Pitta & Kapha. When your diet is not tailored to your personal situation, when you experience a lot of stress, when you work every night until late at night, or when you do not take the time to take your meals at rest, this causes an imbalance in your doshas that will eventually result in complaints.

During your first appointment I will ask you questions about your health, I will feel your pulse and I will look at your tongue in order to diagnose how the unbalanced doshas cause your specific complaints. Based on this first diagnosis, I will draw up a personal treatment plan in consultation with you. I will let you know what I can offer from an Ayurvedic perspective in terms of diet, lifestyle, herbal treatments, massage treatments and yoga therapy and together we will discuss which approach will best suit you and which elements are important for you. When your body and mind come back into balance, you will quickly experience relief from your complaints.

My period was the mirror of the balance in my body and mind

About me

My name is Liese.

I  specialize in Ayurveda, yoga and massage for support of menstrual, hormonal and breast complaints. From an Ayurvedic perspective I look at your period and hormones as the mirror of the balance in your body and mind.

I have personally experienced what it is like to have menstrual complaints. After suffering for many years, making adjustments in diet, lifestyle and using of herbal preparations, I finally had a pain-free and complaint-free period. It felt like a breath of fresh air and at the same time it also gave me a enormous sense of inner strength. Because I had now found real tools with which I had my menstrual well-being in my own hands.

As a teenager, I took twenty aspirins in a six-day period, month after month. Without aspirin in my pocket, I didn't even dare leave the house feeling afraid of menstrual cramps which were so severe that I could only lie down doubled up with pain. This situation changed when my interest in complementary medicine led me to train as a massage therapist. I was being massaged weekly and also received my first lessons on nutrition and lifestyle. In addition to absorbing everything I learned like a sponge, my system became more balanced and I noticed that my period also became more balanced. When Ayurveda came into my life in 1999, I got even more tools but also a new set of complaints, this time there were monthly and very severe migraines!

And now I knew for sure, the wisdom of Ayurveda and the help of a good Ayurveda practitioner will help me to bring back balance. Now, years later, I can't remember the last time I had a migraine. Important ingredients to bring balance to my body and mind were the further adjustment of my diet and lifestyle. However, this was not an easy task.

I know from my own experience how difficult it is to find balance in a society that demands so much. And often we also go along with wanting more, better and faster...... Most women who come to my practice lead very busy, frantic lives and take little or no time to take good care of themselves with good nutrition and sufficient rest. Stress and unbalanced nutrition directly affect your hormones and therefore affect your period.

In my practice I tackle the root cause of your complaints with the knowledge and wisdom from Ayurveda. I do this by investigating what caused the imbalance. The result? Your body will come back into balance, your period will become more comfortable, and you will find meaning and fun in your life again.

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The power of ancient Ayurveda

Ayurveda originated in India thousands of years ago. Ayur means 'to live' and Veda means 'to know'. This 'knowing' involves not only rational knowing, but also a deeper, intuitive knowing. It is said that the wisdom of Ayurveda was not created, but that it was remembered by the sages of ancient India. Ayurveda is both a healing and a preventive health care. The main purpose in Ayurveda is to support health; so keep a healthy body as healthy as possible. In case of imbalance or illness, Ayurvedic advice helps to restore the balance in body and mind. Nutrition and lifestyle are important ingredients for this, but body treatments, herbal preparations and yoga can also be used for a successful treatment.

The five key pillars I work with

Whole and pure food is the basis for a complaint-free menstruation. I work with the principles of Ayurveda and look with you at how you can tailor your diet to your unique constitution. I will give you tips and tools on how you can practically apply this knowledge in your life so that a tasty and healthy diet becomes second nature to you.

How much and what kind of exercize do you do, how busy is your life and how much time do you take to rest, sleep and recharge? These are questions that I will go through with you to map out how your lifestyle affects your hormones. Together we will make a plan to bring more balance to your life in a practical way.

Medicinal herbal preparations act more deeply on the body and the imbalance than only food can. If you like and where necessary, I will give advice on medicinal herbal preparations. I work with both classic Ayurvedic herbs and western medicinal herbs that I use according to the Ayurvedic method.

Yoga is a combination of movement, breath, feeling and experiencing. The word Yoga comes from the word 'yuj' and means connection. It is the doctrine of connection; between body and mind and on another level the connection with what you are as a soul. I work with a combination of yoga postures, micro movements, breathing practices, special hand movements (mudras) and Ayurvedic acupressure points (marmas)

Massage treatments
The massage treatments mainly focus on your abdomen, your pelvis and lower back, but also connect the other parts of your body. You sink deep into your body and out of your head. I work with warm medicinal oil or herbal stamps in a mild and effective way on the fascia, lymphatic and hormonal system. I use massage techniques and marmas (Ayurvedic acupressure points) that I tailor especially to you and your complaints. This combination ensures that you go home with a deep sense of balance.

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 When we work together, this is what you will experience:

Deeper relaxation
Relaxation is important for the recovery from your physical symptoms. The massage treatments and/or yoga will get you out of your head, and into your body, and create deep relaxation in your body. When there is peace in your system, your body's self-healing ability can do its work and clean up and nourish your body.

Relief from your complaints
The combination of nutrition, herbs, relaxation and lifestyle changes provide the right nourishment for your body. Disturbances are resolved, balancing your hormones. Your menstrual complaints will reduce, which in turn will have a positive effect on your whole well-being.

Insight into good self-care
My programmes focus on addressing the cause of your symptoms. This probably also means a lifestyle adjustment. You know what stress factors are for you and what your biggest pitfalls are, which cause your body to go into survival mode. Together, we have also found ways that suit you, allowing you to maintain your new lifestyle and eating patterns well. Step by step, for your long term health.

I tackle your complaints at the root cause and will give you the tools to influence your own health.

Frequently asked questions

I have no menstrual symptoms at all, but would like to learn more about my period and how to take good care of myself - can you help me with that?
Yes, this for sure this is possible! And great to make a plan with you on how to maintain your menstrual balance and connect more with your body's wisdom.

I've had menstrual complaints for years and have tried all kinds of things. How do I know you can provide the solution?
That depends entirely on the type of complaints and on what you have tried and for how long and with what intensity you have worked on them. So not possible for me to say in advance whether I can help you in my practice. It's best to contact me so I can better assess what I can do for you.

Will this programme be reimbursed by my insurance company?
I am affiliated with the professional organisation NIBIG and the NIBIG Dispute Resolution Body as required by the Wkkgz
This means that I comply with all legal obligations and requirements necessary for good practice. However, I am not a member of a professional association, which means that consultations and treatments in my practice are not eligible for reimbursement from health insurers.

I have complaints other than those listed on your website, can you help me with this?
I have knowledge and experience of many more complaints than I describe here. For digestive complaints, I can apply the programmes described above to your personal complaints. I also have experience with complaints that occur in men. It is best to contact me so that I can assess to what extent I can help you in my practice or recommend a therapist or complementary doctor from my network.

I would like to become pregnant, is this programme suitable for me?
Mostly, I focus on reducing complaints around your period. At the same time, your period, and the complaints you may or may not experience, also has everything to do with your fertility. Please get in touch and I will think along with you.

I am on medication, can this go together?
In principle, it can, because we work on the basis of your health where nutrition, lifestyle and treatments are the main ingredients. When it comes to medicinal herbs, I look with you - depending on your personal situation and your wishes - to see what fits.

My daughter suffers from menstrual complaints, but she is still a teenager. Will this also help her?
Yes, definitely. Even in young girls, severe symptoms are a sign of imbalance in the body. Unfortunately, society has high expectations of teenagers and young people, so they are often already under a lot of stress. Do get in touch and we'll see what will be suitable.

I am not getting my period at the moment, can I come to see you?
Not getting your period for no apparent reason indicates an imbalance in the body. We can certainly do something with this. Get in touch, and I will think along with you.

Yes! I would like to make an appointment