Ayurveda Nutrition Course

Start: January, 2024
Location: 8 theory days at the Ayurveda Academy in Weesp (@ Yogastudio Yoga Today), 2 cooking days at cooking studio Peter Pan.
Language: English
Booking and more information: academy@ayurvedanetherlands.com

This 10-day Ayurvedic nutrition course is for those who want to know what Ayurvedic nutrition can mean for them in a modern western life. Going deeply into the basics of classical ayurvedic nutrition, this course translates ancient knowledge into whatever is needed here and now in the west.
This is a unique feature of this course: modern nutrition has gone haywire and presents a lot of difficult issues. Many of these issues will be addressed in this course from a modern ayurvedic perspective. The purpose of this course is to offer an in-depth training in Ayurvedic nutrition. The emphasis in this course is to learn how to implement the Ayurvedic principles regarding nutrition in your own personal life. And you will learn how to give simple – yet profound – advices to friends and family who would like to learn from you.
This course has been taught by the teachers of Delight Academy (and before that by The Academy of Ayurvedic Studies) since 2004. The course combines classroom hours with self-study at home and 2 fun hands-on training days in a cooking studio where you will experience Ayurvedic cooking yourself.

You will walk out of this course with:
• A very good and thorough understanding of Ayurvedic nutrition
• Clear guidelines for applying this in your own life
• Confidence to advice friends and family about basic principles of Ayurvedic nutrition
• The joy to apply Ayurvedic principles to any way of cooking, from Indian recipes to any western recipes

Program outline
• The Tridosha theory (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)
• The concept of time throughout day, year and life
• The five elements and the six tastes
• Sattva, Rajas and Tamas and energetic qualities of food
• The important principles of Ayurveda nutrition, valid for all people
• Tridosha theory applied to the person - physical and psychological profiles
• Ayurvedic diagnosis - which type are you?
• Avoid disaster – Learn how to eat and how this can affect the digestive process
• How to avoid the dangers of dieting and food fads
• Learn to eat according to your metabolic capacity
• Description of food groups from an Ayurvedic perspective; fruits, veggies, grains, oils, spices etc.
• Why eating a low protein diet is key to health.
• What to do about environmental pollutants
• How to lose weight permanently by increasing metabolic function
• Lifestyle and daily routine as nutritional support
• Dietary supplements – myths, facts and traditions
• Increasing immunity through diet
• Practical experience and learning how to give simple and effective advices to people around you
• Case Study

During the course we will be using 2 textbooks. You will need to purchase these two books:
• Vaidya Atreya Smith - Ayurvedic Nutrition
• Robert Svoboda - Prakriti

Further recommended book, yet not obligatory:
Todd Caldecott – Food as Medicine

Next course is starting in January 2024
• 12 January
• 26 January
• 9 February
• 16 February – Cooking day
• 1 March
• 22 March
• 5 April  – Cooking day
• 26 April
• 3 May
• 17 May